Frequently Asked Questions

Standard operating hours are 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM  - Monday through Friday. Closed on state and federal holidays. Days may vary for trade show or special events. The commercial store, B&H Gun Rack Inc. standard operating hours are 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Monday -  10:00 AM to 6:00 PM  -  Tuesday through Friday & 10:00 AM to 4;00 PM on Saturday. Closed on state and federal holidays. Days may vary for trade show or special events.

All factories set their own standards and may vary slightly, brand to brand. The most commonly listed groups are:

  • Law enforcement (Both current and retired)
  • Active, Reserve, and Retired Military with retirement ID card.
  • Fire/Rescue & EMT
  • Security guards holding a G license (Armed)
  • GSSF members (Some restrictions apply)
  • Currently enrolled Law Enforcement Academy students

Although we appreciate everyone that served our country, factory contracts only allow fully retired military personnel that received the standard retired military ID card to participate in this program. VA card holders and civilian military contractors are not included. 

It is called the Law Enforcement price because factories that made the guns most commonly used by Law Enforcement Agencies decided to support their LE customers by selling direct to select distributors. They then sell to individual officers at a factory suggested discount price. The factories extend this discount to those whose jobs fall into a “first responder” category. Some factories also allow retired personnel as well. Please note that every manufacturer has their own policies over which products are included, who is or is not included, and which areas a distributor may sell their respective products. No matter what the product, company, area or restrictions, all qualified customers receive exactly the same discount price.

No, most factories allow a student currently enrolled in a law enforcement academy to purchase a gun on the law enforcement program. Once the academy is completed this privilege is over until such a time as the former student is hired by a law enforcement agency. A departmental letter of employment may be used until the new employee receives his official ID (a conditional letter of employment does not qualify). 

Since they handle commerical products they obtain from distributors, usually they cannot give the law enforcement discount on their standard inventory. These products cost them more as they are not factory direct and they are not discount for the law enforcement market. B&H Police Supply is a distributor and buys directly from the factories at special law enforcement program prices for the purpose of servicing the law enforcement market. Since B&H Gun Rack is open more hours than the police supply store we have placed some of the more popular guns in a reserved area for officers to pick up during our off hours. This inventory is limited and does not cover our entire product line. An officer may make arrangements to pick up their purchase in the other store during our closed times if they do so with advanced notice and if the gun has not already been paid for at the police supply store. 

You are required to bring a government issued ID with a photograph, date of birth, and residential home address. In the event the buyer does not have all three things listed on one ID you may use a combination of acceptable documents to satisfy the requirements. Examples of acceptable documents are: Florida drivers license, voters registration card, fishing/hunting license, concealed weapons permit with address, property tax statement, vehicle registration, government operated utility bill (i.e. water bill), agency ID, etc. Expired documents, PO boxes, non governmental utility bills (i.e. cable TV or power company) are not accepted by the Federal Government. 

No, although the state allows this and it is perfectly legal the federal government does not recognize these documents as being acceptable for the purchase of a firearm. If the officer does not have any of the necessary documents that contain all three things listed in the question above (photo, date of birth, and residential home address) he will need to obtain them before a firearm transfer may be completed. A fishing or hunting license, car registration, or voters registration card are some common things that can be used. In the event the officer does not have and cannot obtain the required documents or simply chooses not to, he does have the option of obtaining a departmental authorization letter. Please see our Letters page to get the information and directions on purchasing a firearm this way. Only a currently employed, sworn law enforcement officer is able to do this letter.  

All firearms carried at B&H Police Supply are in the Law Enforcement discount program. As a police supply store we do not carry every different gun available on the commercial market. Primarily we handle guns that would relate to law enforcement or military service. There are a few exceptions from some factories when they offer a larger selection of their products to the law enforcement community. As a rule we do not carry standard hunting rifles or shotguns, sporting revolvers, youth guns, military surplus or second hand guns. We do have another store, B&H Gun Rack, that carries most civilian and sporting guns and is open to the general public.

Yes, there are thousands of items carried by our company that are part of the law enforcement program. Some of the categories include, but are not limited to ammunition, magazines, rifle scopes and optical sights, night sights, lights and lasers, holsters, gun cases, duty gear, targets, gun cleaning and maintenance supplies, and more. We do not carry any hunting equipment. 

This program is intended for personal use acquisition or duty use. The number will vary depending on different company policies. Some manufacturers limit the number to two per year while others have no restrictions. If you are buying different brands and models the number will increase. A customer trying to buy ten of the same gun would not be allowed to do so. 

No. Since only a sworn officer has the ability to get a letter, this is not required to receive the discount. The discount is freely offered to anyone that qualifies belonging to one of groups listed under "Who is qualified to buy under the law enforcement program" (certain restrictions may apply). An agency or employment ID is all that is needed. In the event these are not available by your agency there are a few alternative ways to show proof of qualification. Copies may be required to document the sale. If the agency prohibits copies (such as some Federal Agencies), the buyer may fill out a form provided by the sales staff. 

Yes, if your Agency has more than one division you can request the gun be shipped to the one you operate from. If the address does not appear on the departmental stationary you will need to have it typed into the letter. 

Most factories do not allow the advertisement of their law enforcement prices in an open format. Law enforcement prices are protected by a password. You may register on our login page to be an authorized user if you belong to one of the groups listed in the question "Who is qualified to buy under the law enforcement program". Doing so will set you up with an account and password to access prices. When setting up as a user it may take up to 24 hours for approval. After approval you will receive another email on how to login and reset your password. Please make sure to check your spam/junk folder.

Inventory changes by the hour. Although we try to list all the different items we carry, backorders are a part of this business. Our website does not list current inventory. You may E-mail a request for an inventory check. If the response time is important we suggest you call for a real time inventory check.

Only currently employed, state certified law enforcement officers and law enforcement agencies are allowed to order a firearm without using a licensed gun dealer. Individual officers may order their own guns for on or off duty associated use by using a departmental authorization letter as outlined on our letters tab above. Please see the letters page for further instructions.

It depends on the gun being requested. Most guns can be paid for in full, reserved for you, and then you will be notified when they come in. The gun business has always been one of consistent shortages. Most guns that are hard to find are only temporarily in short supply. In the case of short supply and heavily backorder items we do not take prepayments on firearms. Since deliveries and demand changes with time, our choice on when to take prepayments or not will also change. Please check with us if you have a certain firearm in mind. 

No. Even if you are a police officer or a state concealed weapons permit holder, it is against federal law to ship a firearm to a buyers home. Firearms can only be shipped to a licensed firearms dealer or to an individual officer at the agency with appropriate paperwork.

Whether we can ship the firearm out of state depends on the manufacturer. A police officer may use a Departmental Authorization Letter and have the gun shipped directly to their agency with their name on it. A letter eliminates the need for a licensed gun dealer. The three most often requested brands that do not allow this is Glock, S&W & Ruger. They have restricted territories and do not permit us to sell outside of the state of Florida. A few other companies have this restriction, but many do not. In some cases we will need a certification letter, which we will supply, filled out by the buyer to document the gun is being purchased by a qualified buyer. We will also need a copy of the dealers Federal Firearms License. We will provide details to the buyer depending on the individual factory requirements.

Yes, in most cases we can ship to a local dealer who is willing to transfer the requested firearm. In some cases we will need an officer certification letter, which we will supply as a blank, filled out by the buyer to document that the gun is being purchased by a qualified buyer and we will need a copy of the dealers Federal Firearms License. We will provide details to the buyer depending on the individual factory requirements.

Yes, we do take department trades and invididual trades. All items and accessories (magazines, boxes, etc.) must be present in our store when you bring in the firearm to properly evaulate the trade. We are not able to trade by email or telephone and we do not attempt to evaluate what we cannot handle and see in person. We do not guess at values or attempt to appraise second hand guns. The owner of the trade item must do all invidivual trades in person, and only at the time the trade is being made. There is no fixed value on second hand guns, nor is there a "book" from which values can be derived. A qualified salsesman will do their best to arrive at a trade that is agreeable to both parties. 

No, we do not have a layaway program in the law enforcement store. The law enforcement prices are a "cash & carry" type arrangement.

Police officers have the option of using a departmental authorization letter from their agency and may have the gun shipped by mail. If the buyer is not a certified officer or the agency does not offer the letter or the officer does not want to go through the department there are a number of options. Please see the question "If I want to can I order a firearm through my local dealer?" or "What paperwork is needed to order a firearm by mail without going through a gun dealer?". 

We do our best to keep all item descriptions and prices correct and up to date. Factories have the option of changing these without notification to the distributor. New products are also added mid year without them appearing on the factory price sheet. Since all website maintenance is handled by our staff time and labor constraints may slow this down. The customer can contact us by phone or e-mail anytime to check status and accuracy. 

Please let us know via the website contact form if you find any mistakes on our website. The website is maintained by our staff so we know typo's can happen. We appreciate anything you send us. Thanks!