Law Enforcement Officers;

Thank you for your interest regarding law enforcement firearms. B&H Police Supply Inc. is an authorized factory distributor for most popular brands. Federal law allows individual officers to order a duty related firearm by mail and have it shipped directly to the departmental address with his/her name on the package. All firearms shipped to your agency do require an original written law enforcement order. Faxes and E-mails are not permitted for this type of gun transfer. Federal law requires us to receive the original letter before a firearm can be shipped. Departmental letters may be used when ordering a firearm for on or off duty carry or departmental competition or training. Departmental letters are not suitable for firearms being purchased only for personal related use. There is no requirement that the gun be used EXCLUSIVELY at work. Guns ordered on letterhead are the personal property of the purchasing officer and are not the property of, or controlled by, the agency, in any way.

Officers wishing to pick up a gun in person, at B&H Police Supply, instead of having it shipped, may do so and will not need a letter. However, a letter may be used to avoid the State of Florida $5.00 background check if the officer so chooses. Letters are not required for high capacity magazines or other merchandise.


Individual Officer Purchase by Mail

1. The agency/officer creates a correctly written letter from his agency, authorizing him/her to purchase the selected firearm. The letter must be printed on official departmental stationary. Faxed or E-mail letters are not allowed under B.A.T.F. regulations. The required format for the letter is available at the link shown below.

2. Both the officer and the department head (ie. Chief of Police or Sheriff) or the person designated by them to sign on their behalf must sign the original letter stating that the information contained in the letter is true and ocrrect. if either signature is missing the letter will be returned. 

3. The officer will send the original letter with both signatures along with payment made to B&H POLICE SUPPLY. Payment may be made by personal check, cashiers check, or money order and will be treated the same as cash. Credit card payment is acceptable, but does not earn the 3% cash discount. 

4. After receipt of the authorization letter and payment, B&H Police Supply will ship the selected products, either from inventory or from backorder as arranged by both parties, directly to the agency for delivery to the officer. 

               All instructions are extremely specific and must be followed explicitly. 


Individual Officer Purchase Over the Counter

Officers do have option of picking a firearm up in person. No letter is necessary for this type of purchase. Long guns can be purchased over the counter with a background check, and do not require the three-day waiting period. Handguns require a three-day wait (weekends and holidays excluded) before they may be picked up and taken from the store. Officers that possess a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit are exempt from the three-day wait. An officer can satisfy the waiting period by either coming in person to the store and placing a deposit on a handgun of their choice or they may call in advance and ask to have their name and agency information recorded in our handgun buyers log. Starting the three-day wait does not reserve a firearm unless it is paid for in full in advance of pickup. Please call to insure the desired firearm is in stock before driving.


Failure for us to comply with the three-day wait would result in a felony transfer. We know that this makes no sense, but this is an oversight of the Florida legislature. Please call F.D.L.E. if you need clarification. Please note that from time to time, some models may be back-ordered for various periods. You are welcome to check the availability of any model. Officers have the option of purchasing most hard to get guns in advance of delivery if they so choose. Shortages are difficult to predict and checking availability is always advised. Buyers that have reserved a firearm in stock at the time the payment is made will have the gun held pending pick-up for up to 60 days.



Federal law requires that every buyer (without a departmental letter) of a firearm provide 3 distinct items contained in their identification.

  • Name - ID must contain the buyers name and be spelled correctly.
  • Date of Birth - The ID must show this to determine the buyers eligibility to purchase either a handgun or long gun.
  • Residential Home Address - Buyers must have at least one form of Government issued identification that contains his/her actual home address. Although Florida law allows a law enforcement officer to have either the departmental address or a PO Box on their driver’s license, the BATF does not allow this as a valid ID for firearm purchases. Officers without their home address on the driver’s license MUST provide an additional form of GOVERNMENT issued paperwork that contains their real home address. Car registration, hunting or fishing license, voters registration, or government operated utility bill are a few of the more common choices. Federal law does not permit us to accept anything less than the three pieces of information listed above. If the buyer does not have or cannot get the needed documents to complete the transaction we suggest they get a departmental letter even if they are not having the gun shipped. A departmental letter eliminates the need for the listed ID’s.  


Departmental Purchase Orders

Agencies wishing to purchase firearms for departmental issue should contact us for ordering instructions and special excise tax exempt bid pricing. Tax exempt orders must be shipped directly to the ordering agency.


Letter formats: